Alpine Strawberry Tea

Alpine Strawberries 15We are so lucky to have wild strawberries growing in our garden!  They are small and sharp and full of flavour and make a lovely decoration for an iced cake.  I made a light sponge loaf and topped it with a sharp lemon icing to contrast with the strawberries and served it with cucumber sandwiches and a red berry herb tea.

End of Term Cakes

Nearly the end of term and the assemblies and ceremonies have started.  I made these cakes for my daughter’s final netball session and award ceremony. Icing for the children (but not too much in case it melted as its so hot today) and almonds, which I thought might appeal more to the adults. Unfortunately I was too busy chatting to pay attention to who ate which and I have no idea if my theory was correct.  I will have to test it again.

Lost Nest

I found an abandoned and rather forlorn birds nest on the path while walking Luna today, I think it must have been pushed out of a tree as a little way along I found an empty egg shell with a very neat precise hole in it.  I brought it home to take a photo as the construction is so beautiful.

Herb Cod with Broccoli, Green Beans and Mixed Salad

I planned to have salad with cod for lunch today but had some left over odds and ends of veg that needed using up and it made a nice addition.  I covered the cod with mixed herbs and ground black pepper and baked it in two tin foil parcels in the oven so it would stay moist.  I used 275g of cod without skin, 50g of broccoli and green beans, and 30g of mixed salad, amounting to about 200 kcal.