Cottage Pie

It may be cold and gloomy outside but its warm and cosy here with this vegetarian Cottage Pie made with Quorn mince, onions, peas, tomato puree, a splash of Worcestershire Sauce, bouillon stock cube, salt and pepper, mixed herbs and topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese.  

Cottage Pie2 2016

Apple Sponge Cake

This apple sponge cake is a great way to use up a couple of extra apples and is lovely warm with cream or custard, or ice cream.  Its best made with brown sugar so the edges turn a lovely and crispy and caramelised.  I use two thirds self raising flour and one third almond flour in a general sponge mix.  

Avocado and Eggs

I love baked avocado, especially with eggs and salad!  You can cut a slice from the under side of the avocado to keep it level, really useful if doing eggs, but I used some foil to keep them level.  

O winter!

Its beginning to feel a lot like winter…

The Frost performs its secret ministry,
Unhelped by any wind. The owlet’s cry
Came loud – and hark, again! loud as before.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Simple Carrot Cake

This simple carrot cake makes a lovely contrast to the sticky rich excesses of Christmas with its straight forward no fuss practicality.  I used sunflower oil, self raising flour, brown sugar, eggs, nutmeg and cinnamon (a little mixed spice or ginger wouldn’t go amiss), and of course roughly grated carrots. You can add nuts, walnuts are usual but pecan work very well. Usually carrot cake has a topping made from cream cheese and icing sugar but this time I was aiming for something more rustic and straight forward.


I used a cake tray to make these really easy and quick bacon and egg treats.  I wrapped bacon around the outside and put an egg in some and egg whites and mushrooms in others.  The tray is non stick but I used a little olive oil just to make sure the bacon didn’t stick.  There was a lot less mess than using the frying pan and they were all ready at the same time.  They went very well with buttered toast, sausages and tomatoes.

Beautiful misty morning

It looked a lot like Autumn this morning with the mist hovering just above the field.  On my way out I changed my mind as I saw I have daffodils out already, so it must be Spring!  I am still hoping for snow…