Deviled Eggs

I have added plenty of English mustard to give these Halloween themed deviled eggs a kick, along with mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and pepper (not ground or there will be black flecks in the egg) and a pinch of paprika.   The insects on top are made from olives, I was going to make spiders but couldn’t fit all the legs on!


We did well with our carrots this summer.  Instead of the more usual longer carrots we grew short round ones in containers.  They had a great flavour.  

Last Rose of Summer

Its October and my roses have very nearly finished blooming.  Here is the last one, Queen of Sweden, still going at the start of October!

A meadow of daisies

Luna and I discovered this meadow full of thousands of daisies on our ramblings yesterday.  The name daisy comes from the Old English dægesege  or dæges eage meaning day’s eye, so called because the petals of daisies open in the morning and close at night.

Daisies 2016


My poppies have done incredibly well this year, some of them are as tall as I am! They look a bit scruffy now but I plan to collect the seed for next year so need to leave them for a while.  

Poppy 2016