We did well with our carrots this summer.  Instead of the more usual longer carrots we grew short round ones in containers.  They had a great flavour.  

Last Rose of Summer

Its October and my roses have very nearly finished blooming.  Here is the last one, Queen of Sweden, still going at the start of October!


My poppies have done incredibly well this year, some of them are as tall as I am! They look a bit scruffy now but I plan to collect the seed for next year so need to leave them for a while.  

Poppy 2016

Shed roof and path

I love the repeated patterns in this old roof and the bricks in the path.  Very satisfying!  I love the moss and the feeling of time gently passing and the practicality of them both.  

Lovely Path 2016


Its lovely to see Spring in action and even though its early and most of the plants are still hesitant the magnolia is in full bloom and is stunning.  I don’t see the relation between the rather dull magnolia paint colour and the subtle beautiful tones the plants, which are very much to be preferred!

Magnolia 2016

Tomato Salad

Home grown tomatoes 2015Tomato salad with lunch today but extra special as I grew the tomatoes!  We have had a rather gloomy and wet summer so I have been waiting what feels like an age for the tomatoes to ripen, but at last, in September, they are ready!  I have big plans for chutney next!  

Alpine Strawberry Tea

Alpine Strawberries 15We are so lucky to have wild strawberries growing in our garden!  They are small and sharp and full of flavour and make a lovely decoration for an iced cake.  I made a light sponge loaf and topped it with a sharp lemon icing to contrast with the strawberries and served it with cucumber sandwiches and a red berry herb tea.