A meadow of daisies

Luna and I discovered this meadow full of thousands of daisies on our ramblings yesterday.  The name daisy comes from the Old English dægesege  or dæges eage meaning day’s eye, so called because the petals of daisies open in the morning and close at night.

Daisies 2016

Shed roof and path

I love the repeated patterns in this old roof and the bricks in the path.  Very satisfying!  I love the moss and the feeling of time gently passing and the practicality of them both.  

Lovely Path 2016

Easter Daffodils

Easter looks lovely this year with millions and millions of daffodils gently nodding their heads and smiling at Spring.  Or, if you are anywhere near me, holding their own against the stormy weather!  One minute its benign sunshine the next icy wind and hailstones.  

Daffodil 2016


Purple Crocus 2016

The crocus’ always look so delicate and fragile but they survive extreme frosts without a mark.  They are a lot stronger than they look!  They are one of my favourite signs that Spring is on its way.  

O winter!

Its beginning to feel a lot like winter…

The Frost performs its secret ministry,
Unhelped by any wind. The owlet’s cry
Came loud – and hark, again! loud as before.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Beautiful misty morning

It looked a lot like Autumn this morning with the mist hovering just above the field.  On my way out I changed my mind as I saw I have daffodils out already, so it must be Spring!  I am still hoping for snow…

Owl vs Pheasants…

Pheasants 2015

We usually have the odd pheasant popping into the garden, there is always a robin and what seems like thousands of sparrows and at night we hear foxes, although I have never seen them.  

This week we had a new visitor; a Barn Owl!  He had an exciting stand off with the resident pheasants and although they won the fence it hasn’t stopped him returning and he has been back several times hunting in the field.Owl 2015

Lost Nest

I found an abandoned and rather forlorn birds nest on the path while walking Luna today, I think it must have been pushed out of a tree as a little way along I found an empty egg shell with a very neat precise hole in it.  I brought it home to take a photo as the construction is so beautiful.