Walnut Loaf

I used large whole walnuts for contrast with the light sponge in this loaf.  Not all of them sank to the bottom!

Shed roof and path

I love the repeated patterns in this old roof and the bricks in the path.  Very satisfying!  I love the moss and the feeling of time gently passing and the practicality of them both.  

Lovely Path 2016

Pork Shoulder Kebabs

It is stonkingly hot here today in Hampshire so we are having a BBQ!  These kebabs are made up of cubed pork shoulder with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers and ground black pepper over.  We are also having corn on the cob and ciabatta bread and some chicken thighs with a sticky sauce.  Yum!  I’m off to rescue some Prosecco from the fridge…

Scrambled Eggs and Sparowgrass

I had a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast with asparagus today.  It was really nice.  I was pottering around on t’internet and coincidentally on the 20th of April 1667 Samuel Pepys also had asparagus, but he had his with salmon and I didn’t buy mine for 18 pence in London!  I think from now on I will call asparagus sparrowgrass…

So home, and having brought home with me from Fenchurch Street a hundred of sparrowgrass, cost 18d.  We had them and a little bit of salmon, which my wife had a mind to, cost 3s.  So to supper, and my pain being somewhat better in my throat, we went to bed.


Its lovely to see Spring in action and even though its early and most of the plants are still hesitant the magnolia is in full bloom and is stunning.  I don’t see the relation between the rather dull magnolia paint colour and the subtle beautiful tones the plants, which are very much to be preferred!

Magnolia 2016

Easter Daffodils

Easter looks lovely this year with millions and millions of daffodils gently nodding their heads and smiling at Spring.  Or, if you are anywhere near me, holding their own against the stormy weather!  One minute its benign sunshine the next icy wind and hailstones.  

Daffodil 2016