Deviled Eggs

I have added plenty of English mustard to give these Halloween themed deviled eggs a kick, along with mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and pepper (not ground or there will be black flecks in the egg) and a pinch of paprika.   The insects on top are made from olives, I was going to make spiders but couldn’t fit all the legs on!

Scrambled Eggs and Sparowgrass

I had a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast with asparagus today.  It was really nice.  I was pottering around on t’internet and coincidentally on the 20th of April 1667 Samuel Pepys also had asparagus, but he had his with salmon and I didn’t buy mine for 18 pence in London!  I think from now on I will call asparagus sparrowgrass…

So home, and having brought home with me from Fenchurch Street a hundred of sparrowgrass, cost 18d.  We had them and a little bit of salmon, which my wife had a mind to, cost 3s.  So to supper, and my pain being somewhat better in my throat, we went to bed.

Avocado and Eggs

I love baked avocado, especially with eggs and salad!  You can cut a slice from the under side of the avocado to keep it level, really useful if doing eggs, but I used some foil to keep them level.  


I used a cake tray to make these really easy and quick bacon and egg treats.  I wrapped bacon around the outside and put an egg in some and egg whites and mushrooms in others.  The tray is non stick but I used a little olive oil just to make sure the bacon didn’t stick.  There was a lot less mess than using the frying pan and they were all ready at the same time.  They went very well with buttered toast, sausages and tomatoes.