Tomato Salad

Home grown tomatoes 2015Tomato salad with lunch today but extra special as I grew the tomatoes!  We have had a rather gloomy and wet summer so I have been waiting what feels like an age for the tomatoes to ripen, but at last, in September, they are ready!  I have big plans for chutney next!  

Herb Cod with Broccoli, Green Beans and Mixed Salad

I planned to have salad with cod for lunch today but had some left over odds and ends of veg that needed using up and it made a nice addition.  I covered the cod with mixed herbs and ground black pepper and baked it in two tin foil parcels in the oven so it would stay moist.  I used 275g of cod without skin, 50g of broccoli and green beans, and 30g of mixed salad, amounting to about 200 kcal.