Pork Shoulder Kebabs

It is stonkingly hot here today in Hampshire so we are having a BBQ!  These kebabs are made up of cubed pork shoulder with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers and ground black pepper over.  We are also having corn on the cob and ciabatta bread and some chicken thighs with a sticky sauce.  Yum!  I’m off to rescue some Prosecco from the fridge…


I used a cake tray to make these really easy and quick bacon and egg treats.  I wrapped bacon around the outside and put an egg in some and egg whites and mushrooms in others.  The tray is non stick but I used a little olive oil just to make sure the bacon didn’t stick.  There was a lot less mess than using the frying pan and they were all ready at the same time.  They went very well with buttered toast, sausages and tomatoes.