Avocado and Eggs

I love baked avocado, especially with eggs and salad!  You can cut a slice from the under side of the avocado to keep it level, really useful if doing eggs, but I used some foil to keep them level.  

Tomato Salad

Home grown tomatoes 2015Tomato salad with lunch today but extra special as I grew the tomatoes!  We have had a rather gloomy and wet summer so I have been waiting what feels like an age for the tomatoes to ripen, but at last, in September, they are ready!  I have big plans for chutney next!  

Chicken and Spinach Salad

Lunch today was a simple chicken and spinach salad, quick, easy, full of flavour and very filling.  I cooked the chicken in foil in the oven with some ground black pepper and a few dried mixed herbs, it stayed moist and didn’t leave any washing up. I sliced it and put it on top of the spinach with some cucumber.  I used 80g of spinach and cucumber and 245g of skinless chicken breast.