Apple Sponge Cake

This apple sponge cake is a great way to use up a couple of extra apples and is lovely warm with cream or custard, or ice cream.  Its best made with brown sugar so the edges turn a lovely and crispy and caramelised.  I use two thirds self raising flour and one third almond flour in a general sponge mix.  

Birthday Cake

This is a cautionary tale for those who leave baking a birthday cake until the last minute…  First I ran out of caster sugar, so I improvised with soft brown sugar and had a 50/50 mix.  The sponge was surprisingly still light but took on a caramel colour. I rather liked it.  The flavour was nice, it was a little richer than the standard sponge and made a nice change.  Disaster averted. Once cooled I made butter icing but, typically, I didn’t have enough icing sugar so once again resorted to soft brown sugar. Not as successful as when combined with caster sugar in the cake mixture but still worked and we had a birthday cake, albeit rather beige.  Overall I was pleased with the cake, but in retrospect perhaps I should have made the numbers a little more subtle…