Pork Shoulder Kebabs

It is stonkingly hot here today in Hampshire so we are having a BBQ!  These kebabs are made up of cubed pork shoulder with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers and ground black pepper over.  We are also having corn on the cob and ciabatta bread and some chicken thighs with a sticky sauce.  Yum!  I’m off to rescue some Prosecco from the fridge…

Tomato Salad

Home grown tomatoes 2015Tomato salad with lunch today but extra special as I grew the tomatoes!  We have had a rather gloomy and wet summer so I have been waiting what feels like an age for the tomatoes to ripen, but at last, in September, they are ready!  I have big plans for chutney next!  


I am finding more and more often that I prefer rye bread, especially as an open sandwich with avocado or cream cheese and eaten with a knife and fork as the Danes do. Marmite Rye and tomato picnic lunch It seems to suit me better and certainly sustains me for much longer than wheat bread or cereal.  When we were on holiday I had rye bread in my picnic with tomatoes and it kept me going for ages.